World leaders in flexible electronics

FlexEnable has developed the world’s first industrially-proven organic transistor technology platform: the key to truly flexible and cost-effective electronics over large and small surfaces.

Our vision is to enable active surfaces in our lives: in our homes, our cars, our workplaces and even on our bodies. The ability to seamlessly integrate electronics with everyday objects can only be achieved with flexible electronics.

FlexEnable works together with partners to drive innovation across video-rate displays, sensors and smart systems. Our proven flexible electronics technology platform enables new product paradigms across multiple industries, including automotive, digital signage, consumer electronics, security and healthcare.


Enabling new prodcuts


Flexible displays and flexible sensors

FlexEnable’s high-performance organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) technology is the lowest cost flexible electronics platform that enables glass-free, flexible displays and sensors.

FlexEnable has achieved breakthroughs for the following commercial applications:

In 2016 FlexEnable won the prestigious IET Innovation Award in both the Emerging Technology Design and Start-up categories.

A proven process for manufacturing

With a sound foundation of accumulated patents and in-depth know-how, we have proven capabilities in translating our technology into industrial production capabilities. The process toolkit we have developed is specifically designed to be implemented on today’s Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing lines, and is the lowest cost way to produce flexible, colour, video-rate displays. Our OTFT platform has already been successfully migrated to manufacturing, with high yield and proven reliability for consumer electronics applications.

Technology Transfer

We have created a suite of partnership offerings, giving you access to our technology and technology transfer: MaterialsEnableTM, ProductEnableTM and FabEnableTM offer you a range of possibilities according to your requirements. With a strong IP portfolio and a unique, scalable organic electronics manufacturing process, we can rapidly accelerate your route into plastic electronics and your achievement of a truly differentiated product offering.

FlexEnable cleanroom in Cambridge UK

FlexEnable's cleanroom in Cambridge, UK