Flexible displays can break through the constraints of glass to transform car interiors.

Flexible displays will revolutionise car interiorsFlexible displays will create a design revolution in cars that won’t be limited to the dashboard and the centre console. There are many new applications that displays can address as they become thin, light, shatterproof and conformable to any surface. Now a much greater proportion of the car’s interior surfaces can become interactive. For example, a curved display on the A-pillar of the car can replace the wing mirror (for increased aero dynamic efficiency) or show the driver what is behind the pillar (for increased safety).

Replacing glass with OLCD

Flexible organic LCDs (OLCD) remove form factor constraints and bring significant cost and manufacturing advantages. Moreover, they are a compelling alternative to flexible AMOLED displays which are still several years away from adoption by automotive companies.

FlexEnable’s groundbreaking OLCD technology answers the immediate market needs for low-cost and conformal displays in the automotive industry and we are already working with volume display makers to make OLCD a real option for car designers in the very short term.

Our technology:

  • Is the lowest cost flexible display technology
  • Uses an already qualified frontplane technology (LCD)
  • Has been fully industrialised for volume production 
  • Has been utilised in products for consumer electronics 
  • Is compatible with existing Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing equipment.

FlexEnable has already demonstrated, with partner Flex, the first conformed OLCD in an integrated automotive application. Since this demonstration we have had an increased interest from car manufacturers interested to integrate flexible displays in future car designs.

For strategic projects, we provide prototype OLCDs with backlights and driver electronics made in our prototyping line in Cambridge, UK.

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