We invite you to meet us and discover more about FlexEnable and our technology at the following events:


SID Vehicle Display SymposiumSID Vehicle Displays Symposium 2017

26-27 September 2017 | Livonia, USA
FlexEnable's Commercial Director, Simon Jones, will give a presentation on large area, low-cost, conformable OLCDs on plastic and their applications in automotive HMIs. Simon's talk is scheduled for 27 September at 11:40-12:00.


Smart Automotive SurfacesSmart Automotive Surfaces 2017

11-12 October 2017 | Novi, USA
FlexEnable's Commercial Director, Simon Jones, will give a talk on activating every surface in cars with organic conformable displays.


SEMIEmerging Display and Intelligent linking Conference 2017

12 October 2017 | Shanghai, China
Dr. Patrick Too of FlexEnable will speak at this one-day forum organised by SEMI|FlexTech China. The forum will focus on emerging display technologies and their applications, as well as smart automotive and IOT.


SID Vehicle Display SymposiumSID Technical Meeting 2017

24 October 2017 | Cambridge, UK
This meeting will provide detailed insight from a range of leading researchers in both industry and academia into a variety of emerging display technologies. FlexEnable's Startegy Director, Dr. Paul Cain, will give a talk on flexible OLCD. 


EuroDisplay 2017EuroDisplay 2017

31 October -2 November 2017 | Berlin, Germany
Josephine Socratus, Research Engineer at FlexEnable, will give a talk on “Low-cost scalable OTFT backplanes for OLCD applications”. The EuroDisplay conference is being jointly organised by the Society for Information Display and the Institute of Physics.


The Future of Materials SummitThe Future of Materials Summit 2017

13-14 November 2017 | Luxembourg
FlexEnable's CEO, Chuck Milligan, will take part in the Future of Materials Summit organised by The Economist. The event "will bring together leading manufacturers, scientists, technologists and policymakers for a discussion intended to help crystallise what is happening, and to illuminate the role of novel materials in the manufacturing industries of the future".


Semicon EuropaSEMICON Europa 2017

4-17 November 2017 | Munich, Germany
FlexEnable's Technical Director, Dr. Mike Banach, will be speaking at the FLEX Europe Conference which is co-located with SEMICON Europa. Mike's presentation will focus on flexible OLCD enabled by high-performance OTFT technology.


MRS Fall MeetingMRS Fall Meeting 2017

26 November-1 December 2017 | Boston, USA
Herve Vandekerckhove of FlexEnable will give a poster presentation on "Importance of OSC/Dielectric Interface on Charge Transport Leading to Unprecedented Electrical Stability of Organic Transistors".



IDW 2017International Display Workshop 2017

6-8 December 2017 | Sendai, Japan
FlexEnable's Strategy Director, Dr. Paul Cain, will speak on organic LCDs (OLCDs) and their indusrialisation on 6 December. 


Emerging Technologies 2017Emerging Technologies 2018

24-26 January 2018 | Shanghai, China
FlexEnable's CEO, Chuck Milligan, will speak at the Vehicle Display conference on 24 Janaury 2017.



13-15 March 2018 | Munich, Germany
FlexEnable's Technical Director, Dr. Mike Banach, will give a presentation in the flexible display session at LOPEC 2018. FlexEnable's CEO, Chuck Milligan, will give a plenary talk.