The world’s first mass produced organic transistor display arrives in a consumer product

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Enabling transformational products with flexible active optics

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Ultra-thin flexible liquid crystal optics that steer, modulate and focus light

Explore our technology

World’s first mass-produced consumer device with curved OTFT display

Ledger Stax, a secure crypto wallet developed by French company and market-leader Ledger, features the world’s first mass produced organic transistor display uniquely wrapped around 180-degree bend – this radius of curvature has never before been achieved in an e-paper display product. It is made possible by the use of highly flexible organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs), comprising organic materials and process IP developed, supplied and licensed by FlexEnable.


Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod and Ledger Stax

From prototyping to production

We offer a complete manufacturing solution for flexible organic electronics, enabling ultra-thin, lightweight, area-scalable displays and liquid crystal optics for mass market and specialist applications. We can help you achieve cutting-edge product innovation and ramp-up to volume production.

World leaders in flexible electronics

With over 500 patents and patent applications and more than 1000 engineering years in the development of flexible electronics, we bring game-changing innovation to liquid crystal optics and displays by enabling ultra-thin and light curved surfaces that actively steer, modulate and focus light.

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