Smart devices

Flexible displays unlock innovative design paradigms for smart devices and bring surfaces to life.

Smart device with flexible displayChanging consumer lifestyles and progress in connectivity technologies are leading to a growing adoption of smart devices and prompting more brands to enter this market.

IHS Markit forecasts there will be 470 million smart home appliances installed by 2020. Web-enabled white goods and voice-enabled devices are increasingly popular with tech-loving consumers, particularly as they promise to enhance our daily lives.

With the huge market potential smart devices offer, brands are competing for innovative design ideas and use cases that will differentiate their products and attract more customers.

Integrating an active matrix display into home appliances can contribute a range of functional properties to the device and give it a cutting edge. Many new product designs have unique shapes and curves meaning that conventional glass-based displays cannot be used without compromising design. Flexible organic LCD (OLCD) is a viable solution for adding active matrix displays to smart devices as it can be shaped, curved and wrapped around surfaces enabling different form factors. With OLCD being scalable to large areas, it can satisfy the needs for integrating a display in larger devices. 

FlexEnable is working with leading consumer electronics brands across many exciting application areas that redefine where and how displays are used in our everyday lives.

For strategic projects, we provide prototype OLCDs and driver electronics made in our prototyping line in Cambridge, UK.

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