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13 November 2023

How FlexEnable improves optical performance for VR and AR with flexible liquid crystal cells

Flexible LC cells can improve optical performance, and bring additional benefits for VR and AR.

4 October 2023

Meet the team: Erin McDowell, Chief Revenue Officer

Erin McDowell, CRO, talks about her career to date, and where she sees the AR/VR industry in the future.

14 September 2023

How tunable liquid crystal lenses can transform the AR/VR experience

Tunable liquid crystal lenses solve one of AR and VR's visual comfort issues

8 August 2023

Looking back to go forward – Dye doped liquid crystals for automotive smart windows and AR optics

Our Technical Director discusses Liquid Crystal cells, and how past designs can inform the future

17 July 2023

Optics in AR and VR: Now and next

A brief overview of the year so far in AR/VR and optics, with a look to the future.

17 May 2023

Flexible electronics: Five tips for creating successful product prototypes

FlexEnable's Principal Industrial Designer shares five tips for successful prototypes