Flexible electronics: Meet FlexEnable at leading industry events

Desi Aleksandrova, Marketing Communications Manager

April 03, 2017

Being at the forefront of innovation in flexible electronics means that FlexEnable’s experts actively participate in leading industry events across the globe. These events are a great platform for our team to exchange updates and ideas with supply chain and business partners. They are also an opportunity to showcase our latest developments in flexible displays and flexible sensors.

Since the beginning of the year we have exhibited and presented at several events and we won’t be taking a break. Here is an overview of key events in which we will be participating in the next few weeks and what to expect:

Printed Electronics/IDTechEx Europe, Berlin, Germany – 10-11 May 2017

Printed Electronics EuropePrinted Electronics Europe focuses on the commercialisation of printed, organic and flexible electronics and connects supply chain companies with product companies. We are delighted to take part again this year by giving a presentation in the Display Innovations session on 11 May. The focus of the talk is on the applications of flexible electronics in automotive. Our speaker will describe how organic conformable displays and sensors can be used to activate every surface in cars.

With the progress made towards autonomous cars, a lot of car brands and Tier 1 suppliers are focusing on redesigning the vehicle Human Machine Interface (HMI) to address the changing car’s functional interface with the user. This drives demand for conformable and shapeable displays. For example, FlexEnable provided conformable OLCDs for Yanfeng Automotive Interiors’ XiM17 autonomous vehicle interior concept that made its world debut at the 2017 North American Auto Show in Detroit. The 12.1” display has been incorporated into the car’s A-pillar to allow for greater visibility and safety.

SID Display Week, Los Angeles, USA – 21-26 May 2017

SID Display Week 2017Display Week is considered the premier international event for the electronic display industry. This year we are excited to have two invited talks. Our CEO, Chuck Milligan, will speak at the Automotive Display Conference on 23 May where he will describe FlexEnable's conformable organic LCD (OLCD) technology and its application in automotive interiors.

As part of the technical symposium, FlexEnable’s Display Systems Manager, James Harding, will deliver a talk on “Flexible LCDs enabled by OTFT” on 25 May. James will present organic transistors on plastic with mobility values higher than amorphous silicon, and explain how this technology enables LCDs that are thin, lightweight, shatterproof and flexible. The potential of this technology will be demonstrated with a curved 12.1” organic LCD (OLCD) demo.

FLEX 2017, Monterey, USA – 19-22 June 2017

FLEX Conference 2017The FLEX Conference is a great event for sharing the latest technical and market advances in flexible, hybrid, and printed electronics and displays. This year’s conference theme “Flexible Electronics – Accelerating to Manufacturing” particularly resonates with the team at FlexEnable as we are working towards transferring our organic thin-film transistor technology (OTFT) for flexible displays and sensors into mass production. Our Technical Director, Mike Banach, has been invited to give a presentation on “Flexible Organic Electronics: From Lab to Fab to the Next Wave of Products” on 20 June (see the FLEX agenda).  Bringing such breakthrough technology from lab to fab has required development on multiple fronts, across materials, process and device design, and all the pieces are now in place to enable the mass production of flexible displays and sensors.

Get in touch

We will be adding more events to our schedule, so please keep checking our events page for updates.

If you would like to request a meeting with our team at any of these events or to enquire about our services, please send an email to info@flexenable.com.

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