New trends: Flexible electronics and wearable technology

Desi Aleksandrova, Marketing Communications Manager

November 09, 2015

As our team prepares for the IDTechEx show in Santa Clara on 18-19 November 2015, I am taking a look at the wearable technology market that undoubtedly will be in the spotlight at this popular event.

IDTechEx reports that the year to 2015 will be the first time that companies have achieved over a billion dollars in revenue from individual wearable technology product lines. Importantly, wearable technology products are going beyond the early adopters for the first time.

New trends: Flexible electronics and wearable technologyMeanwhile, there’s a growing trend in ‘medicalizing’ wearable technology.  More and more wearable devices are being programmed to interact with our bodies and collect data that can be used to inform sport science and health research. Through the use of sensors that fit in our clothes or on our bodies, we’ll be able to receive valuable insight on our physical activity and even health advice that can be fed to our mobile devices.

Wearable sensors

The market for wearable sensors is also growing: IDTechEx forecasts that there will be 3 billion wearable sensors by 2025, with over 30% of them being new types of sensors that are just beginning to emerge. Sensors are a key enabler for wearables’ most useful functions, and are fundamental for collecting data which is used to feed algorithms with the output of providing insightful information. Stretch and pressure sensors alone are set to grow 40% in the next ten years according to IDTechEx report.

Wearables and flexible electronics

There’s another big change in the wearables market on the horizon and this is related to flexible electronics. Flexible electronics enable new paradigms in when, where and how we interact with displays, sensors and smart systems. Thanks to this technology, wearable devices don’t have to be constrained to rectangular shapes and rigid surfaces any more. They can conform to our bodies and seamlessly integrate into what we wear, transforming our personal and work lifestyles.

Organic electronics also make flexible sensors possible opening up new opportunities in the area of ubiquitous sensors and other non-display applications such as contactless control, gesture recognition and biometric sensor arrays.

Meet FlexEnable at Printed Electronics, USA, 18-19 November 2015

We are passionate about enabling active surfaces in our lives and are excited about the new developments in wearable technology in which we are a part. We are delighted that we’ll be exhibiting at the Printed Electronics show this year where we’ll be showcasing our ultra-thin, plastic LCD display and demoing a flexible bracelet. If you are there, make sure to visit us in Demonstration Street (Stand I12).

For more information about our flexible transistor technology platform, or to arrange a meeting with us during the IDTechEx show, please email us at

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