MaterialsEnableTM helps qualify your materials for the manufacture of flexible electronics.

Flexible electronics is enabling a new world of flexible and large area applications, which brings new dimensions to materials assessment. Flexible electronics has redefined the performance envelope for electronics, and today materials requirements include not only electrical but also mechanical parameters.

The FlexEnable team has the world's most accumulated experience of testing and manufacturing with organic electronics materials. This includes:

  • High-performance functional materials like semiconductors, dielectrics, pressure sensitive materials as well as light sensitive materials
  • Flexible, robust films used in organic electronics manufacturing, including adhesives, substrates and polarizers

We have taken new materials sets from lab to full industrialisation, and have characterised hundreds of organic semiconductors, dielectrics, adhesives and substrates for flexible electronics manufacture.

If you want to be part of the supply chain for flexible electronics, we can help you characterise your materials through the following service packages:

  • Standard processing evaluation
    This package is mainly suitable for off-the-shelf materials that need to be qualified for flexible electronics manufacture. Some of the tests we will carry out include:
    • Chemical compatibility tests with FlexEnable qualified materials
    • Material wettability tests on FlexEnable substrates
    • Patternability tests
    • Adhesion tests (ASTM D-3359)
    • Transmission and haze (ASTM D-1003, ISO 13468 and ISO 14782)
    • Start-of-life OTFT tests to extract Ion, Vth and mobility
    • Reliability tests of the OTFTs including storage, negative gate bias, positive gate bias
    • Flexibility tests either for a single/multi-layer or full device construction (IEC 62715-6-1)

You will receive a detailed report with data that you can use in your marketing collateral to promote your materials.

  • Manufacturing process development
    If your materials are still in the R&D phase and need scaling up, we will develop a process to make them suitable for the manufacture of flexible electronics.

    You will receive a detailed report on what works with your materials and how they benchmark against what is currently used in mainstream flexible electronics manufacture which can help instruct your material portfolio and roadmap.

  • Application demonstrators
    We will qualify your materials for applications of interest by demonstrating their performance in a prototype which can be a display or sensor.

    You will receive prototypes that showcase your materials and can be used in your marketing and business development activities.

  • Bespoke evaluation
    We will tailor an assessment package for you to suit your needs.

Please contact us at to discuss your requirements.


An extensive range of innovative tests for material characterisation