World leaders in flexible electronics

With around 600 patents and patent applications and more than 1000 engineering years in the development of flexible electronics, we bring game-changing innovation to LC optics and displays by enabling ultra-thin and light curved surfaces that actively steer and modulate light.

University of CambridgeFlexEnable was spun-out of Cambridge University with a focus on replacing silicon on glass in large-area electronics with organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) on flexible substrates, enabling optoelectronic modules which are flexible, ultra-thin, ultra-light and unbreakable. Our talented and experienced team of flexible electronics engineers has combined over 1000 engineering years invested in core technology and IP. Today FlexEnable has around 600 patents and patent applications globally for OTFT and Liquid Crystal (LC) cell materials, processes and architectures.


FlexEnable looks to roll to roll electronicsMany of the advantages of FlexEnable’s award-winning flexible electronics technology derive from its uniquely low temperature manufacturing process, bringing significant process simplicity, cost and sustainability advantages compared to other approaches. This is one reason why FlexEnable is the only company to have industrialised OTFT with high yield and reliability. FlexEnable has continued to improve the OTFT platform to where it is now three times more powerful than the most common amorphous silicon/glass TFT technology. 


OTFT spherical structure

The low temperature processing has enabled not only the use of commonly available biodegradable flexible substrates like TAC, but has also led to the development of a unique low temperature liquid crystal (LC) cell assembly process on plastic. This allows us to make optically ideal, ultra-thin and lightweight active optical films.

FlexEnable also owns the best-in-class, highest-performance OTFT materials - FlexiOM™ - making it the only company to offer OTFT materials and a complete set of low-temperature manufacturing process for flexible displays and LC optics films, for manufacture in existing flat panel display production lines.


Smart glassesApplications for FlexEnable’s technology include flexible Organic LCD displays (OLCD) for consumer electronics and automotive, and flexible biaxially formable active LC optics that actively modulate, bend and focus light for applications including AR/VR optics and smart glasses, automotive smart windows and switchable privacy screens.




Transforming how electronics are integrated into products in the FlexEnable fab

FlexEnable is bringing organic electronics technology to market in a fabless business model. We supply OTFT materials, technology transfers, and process licenses to display manufacturers allowing them to upgrade and diversify using existing production assets and tap into exciting new markets. We also work directly with OEM and Tier 1 companies on developing next generation products, from design to prototyping and product qualification all the way to volume production.