Board of Directors

Lord Alec Broers


Lord Alec Broers is a member of the British Parliament (House of Lords) and has been involved with the electronics industry for fifty years, and with plastic electronics for more than ten years.

Alec grew up in Australia where he studied physics and electronics at Melbourne University before obtaining a PhD in engineering at Cambridge. He then worked for IBM in New York for nineteen years on the evolution of IBM's silicon chips and on the world's first nano-electronic devices.

In 1984 he returned to Cambridge where he extended miniaturisation to the atomic scale. He became Head of the Department of Engineering, Master of Churchill College and Vice-Chancellor of the University, a role in which he worked with leading entrepreneurs to drive forward the Cambridge Phenomenon.

Alec has had a number of director and non-director roles at companies including Lucas Industries, Vodafone, Plastic Logic and Bio Nano Technology. He is President of the Royal Academy of Engineering and has chaired the House of Lord's Science and Technology Select Committee and the Board of the Diamond Light Source.

Lord Alec Broers