Automotive smart windows

Colour neutral, conformable smart window films made of LC cells that can be switched at video rate to clear, tinted or anything in between.

Tintable car sunroofThere is an increasing need for car windows and sunroofs that can change tint at a touch of a button. This is not only to control how much daylight and heat gets into the car, but also to change the user’s environment. For example, in the future passengers in self-driving cars will be reading, working, sleeping or watching movies so being able to control the light will be important.

There are several approaches to smart windows for flat glass (architectural), but options are compromised where biaxial curvature is needed (for example in automotive applications). From a user perspective, the ideal performance for a smart window is for colour neutral window that can almost instantly transition from bright to dark mode. FlexEnable’s liquid crystal cell technology can conform to the biaxial curvature of car windows while achieving rapid switching with colour neutrality. 

Automotive smart windows diagram

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