Digital signage

Flexible OLCD brings functional and technical benefits to indoor and outdoor digital signage.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for creating and distributing content with applications across multiple industries including retail, street furniture and transportation.

In the retail world, digital information displays are used in store for branding, promoting products and engaging customers. Point of Sale (PoS) marketing in particular can enhance the customer’s experience by communicating information on the product through interactive displays and touch screens – this in turn can increase product sales. In the transportation sector, hubs, links and vehicle exteriors provide the opportunity for advertising alongside the need for up-to-date information on schedules and delays. 

The need for conformable, lightweight and robust digital signage displays

Product glorifier concept with OLCD
Concept of a curved OLCD used as a product glorifier

High information digital signs today typically use glass liquid crystal displays (LCDs) – a mature technology that is available up to very large sizes (such as 84" bus stop digital screens) with great screen performance: video rate and the ability to reproduce high quality brand-representative colour.

When displays are made of glass, the weight becomes a significant factor for larger displays, where strong supporting gantries or frames are often needed. This limits where and how glass displays can be installed into and onto buildings and objects. For smaller displays the fragility of glass, combined with lack of flexibility limits the choice of surface that can be used to mount the display, for example on vehicles, bicycles or around pillars and posts. A lightweight and more robust display alternative will help to improve design and expand use cases.

Digital signage integrated into furniture
Curved surfaces in street furniture provide new opportunities for digital signage

Moreover, many surfaces in the built environment, shopping centres and street furniture are curved meaning that flat, rectangular glass LCDs cannot be installed directly onto the surfaces and often require a separate structure that doesn’t always fit in with the environment. A new display technology is needed that can be conformed to and wrapped around those surfaces as well as available in large sizes.

FlexEnable’s organic LCD (OLCD) technology provides all of the benefits of LCD for advertising in terms of brightness, colour performance, video-rate capability and cost, but with the clear advantage of being glass-free, thin, light and conformable. It can be scaled to large sizes allowing even large digital signage displays to be conformed to pillars, street furniture, vehicle exteriors and retail interiors.

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