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Flexible OTFT backplanes for curved ePaper displays

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Curved ePaper for consumer electronics applications

ePaper displays, also known as EPD (Electronic Paper Displays), represent a low cost, low power display solution for a wide range of applications – from mobile devices and wearables to price labels and large advertising posters. They do not require a backlight and remain readable even in very bright conditions.

FlexEnable’s FlexiOM™ materials and technology platform are used today for the manufacture of ePaper modules that can uniquely conform around tight curves, opening up new form factors and even new product categories not possible with silicon-based displays. Driven by FlexEnable’s high-performance organic thin-film transistors, these displays are ultra-thin, ultra-light and robust.

The world’s first mass-produced consumer product incorporating FlexEnable’s organic transistor technology, Ledger Stax, is in volume production and on the market today.

Ledger Stax

The Ledger Stax cryptocurrency wallet features the world’s first mass-produced curved organic transistor display enabled by FlexEnable’s disruptive technology. The display is uniquely wrapped around a 3mm 180-degree bend – this is made possible by the use of highly flexible organic thin-film-transistors (OTFTs), comprising organic materials and process IP developed, supplied and licensed by FlexEnable.