ePrivacy screens

Ultra-thin LC-based ePrivacy screen function adds near zero thickness to notebooks while allowing the viewing angle to be adjusted between wide and narrow.

ePrivacy screensPassive privacy films today can be placed over notebooks screens to prevent wide angle visual ‘eavesdropping’. These films need to be manually added and removed from the screen and noticeably reduce the quality of the image even in the forward direction for the main user.

Liquid crystal-based ePrivacy technology allows the viewing angle to be actively adjusted between wide and narrow using integrated solution that can be switched on and off at the touch of a button, requiring no films to be added to the front of the screen that otherwise impair image quality.

FlexEnable's technology allows to add this function to be manufactured on ultra-thin bioplastic films for the first time, allowing it to be built into the construction of the display itself with near zero thickness and weight. Users can then switch between private and sharing mode depending on the situation. In private mode, the display light is only sent forward, meaning no image is visible at wide viewing angles.

First applications are notebooks, and other mobile devices, and other applications where privacy or safety are factors such as automotive displays, ATMs and POS.

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