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Ultra-thin, glass-free switchable privacy filter

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Privacy on-demand

Flexible, lightweight Liquid Crystal ePrivacy films can alter the angle of light emitted by a display to prevent unwanted viewing, switching in milliseconds between ‘public’ and ‘private’ mode at the press of a button.

Our LC ePrivacy film is just 100 microns thick and designed to be built-in to displays at the point of manufacture, reducing weight and thickness compared to glass solutions and entirely removing the need for cumbersome external filters on the front of the screen. This brings an extra level of physical data protection for devices and displays without image degradation or weight/thickness tradeoffs for the user.

LC ePrivacy is suitable for a variety of use cases. From notebooks and mobile devices to ATM and POS displays, to automotive safety – for example, preventing the driver from viewing passenger entertainment screens.


  • Millisecond switch times
  • Optical performance equivalent to glass LC – rapidly switchable, colour neutral
  • Ultra-thin, plastic LC cell adds near zero thickness and weight to notebooks
  • No films required on the front of the screen means no compromise in image quality
  • Low cost, low-temperature production process compatible with existing display factories

The technology

The ePrivacy film sits within the construction of the display and exploits the ability of LC cells to selectively modulate light. The technology allows the display to be switched between ‘public’ and ‘private’ viewing experiences, and the absence of any films on the front surface of the display means no compromise in image quality.

Our unique capability to manufacture large area electronics at temperatures below 100°C means that ultra-thin (40 micron) bioplastic films can be used as a substrate instead of glass – providing ePrivacy without the addition of significant weight or thickness to the display.