Mobile devices

Organic electronics will improve the overall flexibility of mobile devices, enabling tighter bend radii and even foldable form factors.

FlexibleThinner, lighter, flexible and shatterproof screens are some of the major benefits that plastic displays will offer to mobile users. Thinner screens also means there will be more space for extra battery or other components in the mobile device.

Flexibility can also inspire new product designs that will offer users further benefits. Imagine a smartphone with a wraparound display that opens out into a tablet - doubling the size of the device and the amount of information being displayed. In the future, fully flexible, foldable and even stretchable displays will be made possible thanks to flexible OLED technology.

At present, LCD is the dominant display technology in the market, and now organic LCDs (OLCD), driven by FlexEnable's flexible electronics technology, are a real option to mobile devices. OLCDs are thin, light, shatterproof and conformable enabling new form factors and utilities of mobile devices.

For strategic projects, we provide prototype OLCDs and driver electronics made in our prototyping line in Cambridge, UK.

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