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Glass-free, low-cost flexible organic display technology for any form factor

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Glass-free, flexible displays for multiple applications

OLCD combines the benefits of LCD – high brightness, long lifetime and low manufacturing cost even at large area – with our flexible technology platform. It allows for freeform displays, eliminating the need for rigid, flat panels.

OLCD is suited to many applications. The ability to include apertures is ideal for automotive centre consoles and driver information displays, and can enable new form factors for smart devices. For notebooks and tablets, OLCD means thinner, lighter and more rugged displays, while TVs and monitors benefit from ultra-high contrast. OLCD is also naturally scalable for large-area displays such as digital signage for retail or transportation. By reusing existing display fabs and much of the highly cost-optimised materials and components supply chain for glass-based displays, OLCDs cost structure is similar to glass LCDs, making it the lowest cost flexible display technology.


  • Ultra-thin, light and shatterproof
  • Any shape and can incorporate apertures
  • Conformable to curved surfaces
  • High brightness with long lifetime – no tradeoff
  • OTFT mobility 1.5 cm2/Vs drives high resolution LCDs (eg 4K)
  • Manufacturable in existing display fabs using standard equipment
  • The lowest cost flexible display technology
  • Low temperature, more sustainable manufacturing process

The technology

Our glass-free OLCD technology combines the benefits of LCD with the flexibility of a high-performance organic-thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplane. It is designed to be compatible with existing flat panel display fabs and reuses many of the same materials.


OLCD structure cross-section