Meet the team: Sangam Shrestha, Associate Engineer

Meet one of our newer team members: recent graduate Sangam Shrestha, Associate Engineer.

Sangam Shrestha, Associate Engineer

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Today, we meet one of our newer team members, who has joined as a recent graduate: Sangam Shrestha, Associate Engineer.

1. Was science and engineering always your chosen career path?

Yes, ever since I was a young boy growing up in Nepal, I have always had a keen interest in engineering. My father was in the Army and would travel to Hong Kong or the United Kingdom; when he returned he would talk about all the numerous gadgets and technology that he had seen. His stories sparked my interest for the fundamentals of engineering and problem solving.

Furthermore, when I was very little, my parents took me to a person called “Cheena” in Nepal who predicts your future. At the time my parents wanted to know what career path I would take. The Cheena considered a range of information from my birth date and time, name, gender and more, to predict that when I am older I will work with metal and machinery. My parents would tell me this story, and I always questioned them with disbelief. However, over time I could see that the Cheena’s prediction was correct – I went on to study mechanical engineering throughout college and university, as I thoroughly enjoyed mathematics and physics.

2. What is it like to move from university to an engineering job?

Initially it was a shock, but in a positive and eye-opening manner. At university the focus is mainly on how students perform, and everything is graded. To be able to work for an engineering company where everyone is working together towards one goal of making the company successful is an incredible feeling.

Everyone is constantly communicating and learning from one another, and the endless support from everyone at work, no matter the department or job title, is inspirational. In common with university, we undertake experiments and reports. However, the key difference is that the results are investigated further, and the learning is used to influence new products for mass-market use.

3. What aspects of your current job you find most interesting or exciting?

As a fresh graduate, the opportunity and freedom to learn about so many different processes, programmes and equipment in such a short period of time has been an unbelievable opportunity. Every day I am excited to come to work and learn new things again and again. Moreover, I feel that I have a genuine impact on advancing the company’s technology and products.

4. What advice would you give to a student of a STEM subject who wanted to pursue a career in flexible organic electronics?

I would say if you have any interest in a STEM subject, you should go for it. It is an extremely rewarding field where you feel like you have direct impact on technological advances. Often, the people you will meet along the way are true pioneers of the field. No matter where you work you will meet incredibly bright individuals, and develop your fundamental understanding of mathematics, chemistry, physics, programming, and so much more!