Meet the team: Joseph Hsiao, Senior Operations Manager (Asia)

Joseph Hsiao, our Senior Operations Manager based in Taiwan, discusses his career journey and gives an insight into his current role at FlexEnable.

Joseph Hsiao, Senior Operations Manager (Asia)

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In today’s “Meet the Team” blog, we introduce Joseph Hsiao, Senior Operations Manager at FlexEnable. Based in Taiwan, Joseph works closely with the rest of FlexEnable’s Asian team to spearhead several technology transfer programs currently underway in the region. In this interview, Joseph offers interesting insights into his career journey and his current role at FlexEnable.

What path led you to become involved in flexible electronics development and manufacturing?

I began my career in integrated circuit manufacturing before transitioning to the display industry. As the display market experienced fluctuations, my previous company sought to explore future display technologies. I was tasked with building a dynamic team to dive into Organic Thin-Film Transistor (OTFT) technology. The journey of transforming chemical compounds into tangible displays within a tight timeframe was an amazing adventure.

What do you find most enjoyable about your role at FlexEnable?

The most enjoyable aspect of my role is the process of transferring a new technology into production – this is both challenging and very exciting. It involves establishing platforms for each product and organising the supply chain to ensure seamless production. Being able to see the results of the team’s hard work such as completing the first fab sample or achieving product yield ramp, is immensely satisfying.

What are some of the unique challenges of managing operations in the field of flexible electronics?

The novelty of flexible electronics sometimes means that we need to help the industry understand the product possibilities enabled by a new technology with a new performance envelope. We do this by having open discussions about making necessary adjustments, demonstrating the benefits of flexible electronics and the unique opportunity for OEMs to differentiate their products.

What skills are most crucial for success in this role?

The ability to think big while starting small is essential. Planning is important, but continuous adaptation to meet the evolving needs of manufacturers and OEMs is crucial for success. Timeline management is key too, as time is often the most precious resource in our work. Additionally, being comfortable with taking calculated risks and making decisions with incomplete data sets is necessary for driving actions and progress.

How do you see FlexEnable’s technology impacting the future of electronics?

By enabling ultra-thin and ultra-light surfaces that can conform to almost any shape, we are redefining where and how electronics can be applied. When integrated into products our technologies allow product makers to deliver better user experience and free designers from the long-standing design constraints of glass.

As part of a global team, how do you stay connected with your colleagues?

Working closely with colleagues at our manufacturing partner sites during technology transfer allows us to foster deep relationships and ensure clarity in discussions. With the shift to remote communications in the past few years, we’ve adapted to using effectively emails, phone calls, and video conferencing to bridge the physical distance and to ensure we continue to maintain clear and efficient communication.