Bringing innovation to fingerprint sensors

Rouzet Agaiby, Senior Business Development Engineer

February 01, 2017

Last year FlexEnable exhibited at Trustech - one of the largest events dedicated to payment, identification and security technologies.

I had the pleasure of attending Trustech and gave a short talk on FlexEnable’s 500 dpi flexible fingerprint sensors. In this interview filmed during the show I explain more about FlexEnable’s ground-breaking technology.

Demand for flexible fingerprint sensors

From speaking to other exhibitors and visitors at Trustech, it became clear to me that there is a trend towards increased use of biometrics in applications like banking, healthcare, government and access control. This shift is largely driven by the need for improved security and more sophisticated approaches to authenticating people. As FlexEnable’s solution is specifically targeted at biometrics using fingerprint recognition, it was a positive sign to see that the market size for this technology is growing as companies are looking for innovative solutions to add value to existing products, and enable new applications and use cases.

In a blog post I wrote last year, I discussed the benefits flexible fingerprint sensors bring to biometrics. I argued that demonstrating demand for this innovative technology and finding early adopters will be important for accelerating its transfer into products. Attending Trustech confirmed to me that there is a real interest from end-user companies to implement new technologies in their products. Therefore I am excited that FlexEnable is a key part of the ecosystem that can bring this ground breaking technology to the market.

If you want to learn more about FlexEnable’s fingerprint and vein sensor solutions for biometric applications, contact us at

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