The home office of the future

November 02, 2015

The idea of 'the future' - robots, flying cars, everything slim, sleek and touchscreen - has become a universal and infectious aspect of popular culture. From James Bond to Iron Man, advanced 'futuristic' technology has always played a leading role.

And what has previously been confined within the edges of our TV screens or the corners of our wildest imaginations is slowly turning into our new reality. With flexible technology, wearable interfaces and intuitive devices permeating more and more of the industry, it's starting to feel like 'the future' has arrived.

We are witnessing leading-edge technologies that are shaping the world of today and tomorrow. They are not only changing our personal lives, but also the way we work. Video conferencing specialists Citrix - creators of GoToMeeting - show their vision for a 'home office of the future' in a recent video:

While at present this kind of lifestyle may look completely beyond the capacity of an average person living in an average house, this isn't the case. The rise of teleworking is changing the way we regard work and our working environment. We may be able to make our own 'home office of the future' sooner than we think.

In general, once a new technology has been adopted, it is amazing how quickly the world seems to adapt and how one can hardly imagine what life was like before. Remember watching Steve Jobs unlock the first iPhone back in 2007? That was less than ten years ago and what then was groundbreaking is now the norm and in some ways, that single swipe ignited our infatuation with touch-screen technology.

Since then, we've seen more and more touch-screen controls, and the trend is far from over. For example, an integrated multi-touch table with 3D presentation and wireless capabilities is already on the market, and it's waterproof so you don't have to constantly worry about whether your cup of tea will ruin your projects. And, of course, with the advancement of conformable flexible displays the constraints by rigid, rectangular shapes will disappear, enabling compelling wearable products and changing further the way we work - here's a look at FlexEnable's plastic LCD:

While Citrix's video may feel like glimpsing a faraway future, it shows a vision that can become a reality sooner than we think - look how quickly the iPhone took over the industry and changed the way we communicate. With flexible technology, wearables and virtual reality devices gaining a more permanent place in our cultural society, the 'home office of the future' already seems within reach.

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