Using active flexible displays for point-of-sale marketing

Desi Aleksandrova, Marketing Communications Manager

April 02, 2019

Have you noticed that when you enter a perfume shop you are often surrounded by free standing display units that promote the newest fragrances by popular brands? By giving perfume bottles a prominent place in the shop, or special packaging, brands are competing for the consumers’ attention and ultimately for more sales. You are likely to see a similar approach to product promotion in supermarkets and other retail shops.

Product glorifier concept with OLCD
Concept of a curved OLCD used as a product glorifier

Point-of-Sale (PoS) marketing

Many brands use PoS marketing to increase sales. By providing additional information on the product or even offering product trials (as is the case with perfume samples) PoS helps customers to make more informed purchasing decisions. In many cases it can encourage brand switching and improve customer loyalty.

But how to better engage consumers and create an emotional connection to the given product or brand?


Engaging consumers with active displays

With digitisation becoming the key tool for engaging consumers, savvy brands are utilising active displays where possible in order to communicate their messages and create an interactive medium for shoppers. An active display creates visual stimuli that makes customers more likely to notice and engage with a brand.

Traditionally, glass LCDs are used for digital advertising in shopping malls, airports and on building exteriors, but the use of active displays for small area in-store advertising is rather limited – this may be partly due to the lack of technology that can be seamlessly integrated into the shop environment. The rectangular shape and bulkiness of glass LCDs often make them unsuitable for PoS marketing purposes.

Plastic LCDs give an edge to PoS marketing

Digital advertising shouldn’t be just about showing content on large rectangular screens but should also be able to enhance the consumer experience when interacting with products in store. For example this could be a screen that communicates information on a particular product when the customer touches it. Or, by wrapping a screen around the product (e.g. in the form of a display glorifier), the product itself can become an interactive medium that continuously communicates with the consumer through constant updates and personalised messages. This can be particularly effective when promoting premium products.

A new glass-free display technology – Organic LCD - can now give an edge to PoS marketing by enabling screens with different form factors that can be conformed to and shaped around in-store surfaces and products. Plastic OLCD offers the same quality in performance as glass LCD, but with the added benefit of being thin, light and conformable. It can be cost effectively scaled to large sizes, meaning that it can be equally wrapped around a large column in a supermarket or a small perfume bottle for example.

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