Working at FlexEnable

Our employees are our most important asset and we strive to make FlexEnable a nice and stimulating place to work.

We asked some of our talented team members to descibe what they like about their job and the company and here is what they said. 


“FlexEnable has a great work atmosphere full of people who are enjoying their time. There’s a sense of exploration and teamwork. Working as an Optical Test Engineer I mainly focus on testing new samples and analysing data to better guide future decisions. There’s plenty of interesting problems to solve and a personal responsibility to get things done. There is a lot of opportunity to learn new things and acquire new skills so it never gets boring.”

Patrick Prusinskas, Optical Test Engineer


“I joined FlexEnable in 2018 as part of the System Design Team and since late 2021 I am now managing a Test Team which is responsible for optical and electrical verification of liquid crystal optics, displays and organic thin film transistors. My favourite thing about FlexEnable is the amazing group of engineers who are incredibly dynamic and innovative when it comes to solving technical problems and can have an incredibly rapid turnaround on work to meet deadlines when they arise. The company culture is positive, there is a no blame culture and the management style is supportive and relaxed, which really allows people the flexibility to work in a way that best suits the individual, as well as the opportunity to drive forward your own career development. Since joining the company I have had the chance to manage multiple customer and EU customer projects as well as to work on a range of exciting technologies. The work is varied and never dull, I am still learning new things every day!”

Dr May Wheeler, Optical and Electrical Test Manager


"I have been working at FlexEnable for eight years in the technical team and have been involved in a large number of always exciting and challenging projects. I enjoy the work environment being so dynamic and being at the forefront of the technology keeps the job always changing and stimulating. The team is friendly and supportive which makes working at FlexEnable very pleasant."

Joffrey Dury, Senior Process Engineer


“Working at FlexEnble has allowed me to be involved with all aspects of marketing and try new things. Being surrounded by smart experienced engineers has provided an invaluable opportunity to learn about electronics and be inspired by all the innovations the team has been working on. Everyone is friendly and approachable which, I think, contributes to a calm and productive work environment. My job gives me a good work-life balance and I feel valued and supported.” 

Desi Aleksandrova, Marketing Communications Manager