We invite you to meet us and discover more about FlexEnable and our technology at the following events: 


SID Vehicle Display Symposium 2019

24 September - 25 September 2019 | Livonia, USA
FlexEnable's Commercial Director, Simon Jones, will give a talk on conformable and shapeable OLCDs for automotive. The full conference programme is available here.


VDI WissensforumAutomotive HMI and Connectivity Conference 2019

24 September - 25 September 2019 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
FlexEnable's Business Development Manager, Dr. Rouzet Agaiby, will give an invited talk on 'Transforming the vehicle HMI with conformable and shapeable OLCDs'.


IDW 2019IDW 2019

27 November - 29 November 2019 | Sapporo, Japan
FlexEnable's Strategy Director Paul Cain will give a presentation on "OLCD: Optical and Manufacturing Attributes of Conformable LCD on TAC film".