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Press release: FlexEnable named as one of 2016’s top innovators

3 October 2016 displays, plastic electronics, wearables, sensors


Press coverage: Meet our customers – FlexEnable

19 September 2016 wearables, displays, plastic electronics

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Press coverage: A flexible future

1 September 2016 displays, IoT, plastic electronics, wearables

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Press coverage: Cambridge pioneer flexes its muscle across global markets

27 June 2016 OLED, displays, mobile, wearables

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Press coverage: Launch of FlexEnable

5 February 2015 LCD, wearables, IoT, partnering, plastic electronics, OLED

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Press coverage: UK company FlexEnable launching flexible electronics for Internet of Things markets

4 February 2015 mobile, partnering, IoT, wearables

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The Launch of FlexEnable

2 February 2015 LCD, partnering, plastic electronics, OLED, wearables, IoT

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