Press release: FlexEnable unveils new full-colour, low-cost, conformable LCD display that removes form factor constraints for wearables

17 November 2015

Santa Clara (USA), 17 November 2015 – FlexEnable, the leader in the development and industrialisation of flexible organic electronics, is showcasing a new, full colour, conformable organic liquid crystal display (OLCD) at IDTechEx USA 2015. It is driven by FlexEnable’s ground-breaking flexible transistor technology which has been used to develop glass-free, flexible displays and is particularly applicable in the mobile, wearable and automotive industries.

Providing the same display quality and reliability that is expected from a glass LCD display, FlexEnable’s conformable 4.7” display module has a minimum bend radius of less than 30mm and is just 1.3mm thick. It has been developed using a maximum processing temperature below 100°C which brings significant manufacturing advantages by allowing for the use of lower cost plastic substrates (such as TAC – a ubiquitous plastic commonly used for display polarizer sheets that is cheaper than display glass). This not only reduces materials costs but also increases yield by minimising distortion and enabling a simple, reliable handling method for flex – known as “mount/demount” technology.

Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable, said: “Conformable, high-quality OLCDs bring a new degree of design freedom for product designers, and offer the lowest cost manufacturing process for flexible, colour video rate displays. They enable new levels of utility to products, and a step change in creative design options for wearables, automotive, mobile devices, and everywhere-ables, bringing surfaces to life almost anywhere and everywhere, with vivid colour and smooth video.”

FlexEnable will be showcasing the conformable OLCD display at booth I12 at IDTechEx, Santa Clara, USA, between 18-19 November 2015. 


About FlexEnable

FlexEnable, based in Cambridge, UK, has developed the world’s first flexible transistor technology platform; the key to truly flexible and cost effective electronics over large and small surfaces. With over a decade of experience, IP development and technology awards, FlexEnable works together with customers to drive innovation across flexible sensors, smart systems and video-rate displays. FlexEnable’s technology platform enables new mobile and wearable products as well as sensor arrays and structural electronics that bring an extra dimension to the IoT (Internet of Things). Customers include OEMs, component manufacturers and materials suppliers. Information on our partnering offerings, ProductEnable™, MaterialsEnable™ and FabEnable™, can be found on

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