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Press coverage: Flexible electronics now being integrated into cars, says supplier

18 January 2016 displays, manufacturing

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Press coverage: Full-colour AMOLED display is glass-free & flexible

3 June 2015 partnering, displays, OLED, manufacturing


Press coverage: Cambridge-Taiwan alliance to take new display tech into mass production

2 June 2015 displays, partnering, OLED, manufacturing

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Press coverage: FlexEnable unveils a ‘Fab’ world first

29 May 2015 manufacturing, partnering, LCD, displays


Press coverage: FlexEnable joins the Graphene Flagship and details its graphene plans

20 April 2015 graphene, manufacturing, partnering

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Press coverage: FlexEnable joins Graphene Flagship

16 April 2015 plastic electronics, manufacturing, graphene


Press release: FlexEnable to enhance the global graphene value chain

16 April 2015 graphene, partnering, displays, manufacturing