The Launch of FlexEnable

2 February 2015

Driving the new era in flexible electronics

For over a decade, Plastic Logic has been at the forefront of the development of the plastic electronics industry and the creation of truly flexible electronics technology and industrial capability.

This capability has now reached the point where it's possible and proven to be able to manufacture arrays with millions of perfect flexible transistors over areas of any size and shape and in high volumes. The Plastic Logic flexible transistor platform has now been industrially proven to be able to form active backplanes for LCD, OLED, EPD and other display media and has been successfully broadened to be able to enable solutions for sensors and integrated systems on fully-flexible, plastic.

Being able to perfectly create flexible electronics on plastic enables transformational advantages for product shape, weight, and durability and enables a path to low-cost solutions for high volumes. This is all perfectly suited to match the requirements of the exploding markets for wearables, new mobile devices and distributed, flexible sensors for IoT applications.

To generate focus while addressing the full range of opportunities available in these markets, the technology development and manufacturing parts of Plastic Logic will be separated and will go forward as independent companies.

FlexEnable has been created from Plastic Logic's people and its technology assets in Cambridge, UK. Based on Plastic Logic's full technology and patent portfolio, FlexEnable will independently provide expertise, technology and products to system builders, device makers and product companies to enable innovative, volume products -

The manufacturing plant in Dresden, Germany, which develops, manufactures and sells a range of flexible, electrophoretic displays (EPD), will operate independently under the name Plastic Logic Germany -

I believe that the full potential of plastic electronics is now emerging as transformational developments in flexible transistor performance and bold, new concepts drive more and more applications. This, combined with the proven manufacturability and scalability of our transistor technology platform, makes this a defining moment for the industry. I look forward to working with our many partners and colleagues to fulfil the tremendous promise of plastic electronics in this exciting new era. 

Indro Mukerjee, Chairman