FabEnableTM allows you to manufacture truly flexible electronics, often leveraging existing assets.

We have created FabEnable for device manufacturers who want to build a plastic electronics capability, either by upgrading an existing production line or by building a new one. We bring the unique benefits of our flexible technology to your products and processes.

FlexEnable's first scaled organic transistor process is already being used industrially to produce high-resolution, flexible electrophoretic displays (EPDs) with a high yield at Plastic Logic Germany in Dresden. The process toolkit we have developed is specifically designed to be implemented on today’s Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing lines, and is the lowest cost way to produce flexible, colour, video rate displays.

FlexEnable's transistors are already capable of driving LCD and truly flexible OLED. A roadmap of processes will be made available through FabEnable, and represents a route to continual electrical performance improvement with the same production assets.

A typical FabEnable programme may include the following components:

  • Feasibility and evaluation
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Process training and documentation
  • Detailed design and planning
  • Cost modelling
  • On-site technology transfer
  • Demonstrators and prototypes
  • Implementation and commissioning support
  • Future process upgrades

Please contact us at info@flexenable.com to discuss your requirements.


Factory holding image

FlexEnable's flexible transistor platform has been proven on an industrial scale