OLCD Evaluation Kits

We can help you create innovative product concepts, demonstrators and prototypes using FlexEnable’s OLCD technology.

FlexEnable’s conformable organic LCD (OLCD) can be integrated into your design enabling you to create radically new product form factors. We will support you during your project and work with you to plan the volume production solution calling on FlexEnable’s manufacturing partners.

Evaluation kits

FlexEnable OLCD Eval KitFlexEnable and Truly Semiconductors have jointly developed an Evaluation Kit (Eval Kit) featuring a plastic 4.68” OLCD manufactured by Truly Semiconductors. This OLCD aims to provide you with a convenient platform to evaluate the benefits of OLCD for your product, simplify the design process and take your idea to the next level.

The Eval Kit can also provide a platform for customisation to meet specific customer demonstration requirements, for example if different curves are needed or if touch functionality is required.

Download the 4.68” OLCD Evaluation Kit specification sheet

Download the 4.68” OLCD panel specification sheet

Custom displays

Large area OLCD conceptFor applications where 4.68” is not a perfect fit, we can make small numbers of OLCDs in custom sizes and shapes in our prototyping line in Cambridge, UK. We can also provide customisations of backlights and driver electronics as appropriate.

Please contact us at info@flexenable.com to discuss your requirements.