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FlexEnable is the only company to offer a complete manufacturing solution for organic electronics, enabling manufacture of flexible, low-cost and area-scalable displays, sensor arrays and optics for mass market applications. We offer the following services:


  • materials

    Materials sales

    We provide the world’s highest-performance OTFT materials for the manufacture of flexible OLCD and OTFT devices.

  • technology transfer

    Technology transfer

    We offer tailored technology transfer programmes to display manufacturers designed to bring flexible electronics capabilities to their existing factories.

  • technology licensing

    Technology licensing

    We develop and license state-of-the-art technologies for flexible electronics worldwide – the only industrially proven organic electronics IP.

  • product prototyping

    Product prototyping

    We work directly with OEMs and Tier 1 companies on developing next generation product designs using our technology.


Why work with FlexEnable?

  • Leading technology platform and world’s highest-performance organic materials

    We have developed the world’s first low-cost, flexible organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplane technology and own the highest-performance OTFT materials related to this technology.

  • Mass market applications

    Our unique flexible electronics technology drives innovation across video-rate displays, optics and sensors, enabling new applications across a range of mass markets.

  • Qualified process

    Our process is industrially proven, with high yield and qualified for use in consumer electronic devices.

  • World-class team

    Our team of engineers possesses more than 1000 years of combined industry experience and technical know-how.

  • A comprehensive patent portfolio

    FlexEnable has over 1000 patents with key patents for fundamental materials, processes and architectures for flexible displays.

  • A trusted partner

    We work with leading companies to build the ecosystem for flexible electronics.

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