Our technology transfer and licensing programmes allow display manufacturers to build flexible electronics capabilities to meet the production needs of our OEM/brand partners

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Technology transfer and licensing

FlexEnable’s scalable organic transistor process technologies are already proven for mass production. Our process toolkit is specifically designed to be implemented on today’s flat panel display manufacturing lines, and is the lowest cost way to produce area-scalable flexible displays and optics. We help manufacturing partners not only advance these technologies, but also reduce their environmental impact by reducing energy consumption, reusing equipment and using recyclable materials.

FlexEnable® also supplies the full set of organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) materials that have been specifically developed and tested for our processes, providing a complete solution for OTFT and flexible liquid crystal optics manufacturing.

For display makers we offer a complete technology transfer and licensing package to get existing lines up and running for flexible displays and liquid crystal optics.

With several technology transfers already underway,  we have an enviable list of world-leading OEM/brands already designing with FlexEnable technology for their next products.

FlexEnable® has over 500 patents and patent applications globally for OTFT materials, processes and architectures. This portfolio is the result of greater than 1000 engineering years in the development of organic electronics materials and processing.

What we offer

A typical technology transfer programme may include the following components:

  • Feasibility and evaluation
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Process training and documentation
  • Detailed design and planning
  • Cost modelling
  • On-site technology transfer
  • Demonstrators and prototypes
  • Implementation and commissioning support
  • Future process upgrades

Why work with FlexEnable

  • Leading technology platform and world’s highest-performance organic materials
  • World’s first low-cost, flexible organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplane technology and the highest-performance OTFT materials
  • Our unique flexible electronics technology drives innovation across displays and active optics, enabling new applications
  • Industrially proven manufacturing processes with high yield
  • World-class team of engineers possessing more than 1000 years of combined industry experience and technical knowledge
  • A comprehensive patent portfolio of over 500 patents and patent applications globally for OTFT materials, processes and architectures
  • A trusted partner – we work with leading companies to build the ecosystem for flexible electronics