FlexiOM™ materials

We offer the world’s highest-performance OTFT materials that have been developed and tested for flexible displays, LC optics and other large area flexible electronics applications.

FlexEnable is the only company to offer organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) materials with a complete and industrially-proven manufacturing process, allowing rapid adoption into existing LCD lines. Our FlexiOM™ materials can drive new flexible display and LC optics modules for mass market applications.

What are organic materials?

Organic transistor materials are soft, carbon-based plastics which can be used to replace the silicon and other hard, ceramic materials in conventional large area electronics manufacturing processes. Today organics offer greater performance than amorphous silicon (the most common large area technology on glass), making them suitable for use in a wide range of products. Organics are also the key reason why glass can be replaced as a substrate allowing devices to become flexible.

Silicon and other inorganic thin-film transistors (TFTs) are normally processed at temperatures greater than 300°C. Therefore glass has been the natural choice for a substrate as it can withstand these high temperatures. OTFTs can be processed at temperatures lower than 100°C allowing for the use of lower cost plastic substrates thus enabling thin, lightweight, shatterproof and flexible devices. Moreover, these materials can be processed using standard techniques and equipment used in today’s existing LCD production lines.

FlexiOM OTFT materials

Our FlexiOM™ materials portfolio includes the world’s highest-performance organic semiconductors and dielectrics. These materials form the core of the OTFT backplane for flexible displays and LC optics. They are available as ready-optimised formulations for use in existing flat panel display factories.


OTFT backplane


Key features and benefits of FlexiOM OTFT materials include:

  • Inherent flexibility – truly flexible TFTs to sub-mm bend radius
  • Better mobility than amorphous silicon
  • Long operating lifetimes and very high uniformity for large area manufacturing
  • A low-temperature solution-based OTFT manufacturing process (<100°C)
  • Excellent solubility in common manufacturing solvents
  • Enable manufacture on lower cost substrates compared to LTPS or oxide, which still require expensive polyimide
  • Can be integrated with frontplanes such as LCD, EPD and OPD
  • Fastest integration route to market enabling display makers to rapidly repurpose existing LCD lines with minimal investment
  • Enable flexible TFT sheet-fed production using traditional mask-based microfabrication techniques
  • Can be scaled-up to any Gen size production line
  • More sustainable than existing silicon based TFTs due to lower temperature process with 25% energy saving over silicon/glass-based display manufacturing

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FlexEnable OTFT Materials

FlexEnable FlexiOM™ materials