Product prototyping

We work with clients to help them realise game-changing product concepts using our flexible electronics technology platform and materials.

FlexEnable's team of flexible electronics experts works closely with you to develop your ideas into technically feasible design concepts which can be rapidly prototyped and evaluated. We then support ramp-up to volume manufacturing using our internal prototyping capabilities or our external manufacturing partners.

FlexEnable can help you accelerate design and ramp to production by:

  • Providing rapid prototyping and short run production allowing for different design options and variants to be quickly evaluated and field tested
  • Creating reference designs for a wide range of specific applications and markets building on our core technologies in flexible displays and flexible sensor arrays
  • Establishing a network of external volume manufacturing routes

Please contact us at to discuss your requirements.


Activating surfaces with flexible displays and sensors

Examples of products enabled by FlexEnable's technology