FlexEnable offers an unrivalled and complete manufacturing solution for organic electronics.

FlexEnable has developed and industrialised the lowest cost approach to flexible, ultrathin and unbreakable devices and optical modules that can be applied to almost any surface. We also own the highest-performance organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) materials related to our technology – FlexiOM™ materials. Today FlexEnable has around 800 patent applications globally for OTFT materials, processes and architectures (including 103 patent applications that originated from the University of Cambridge).

Core technologies and key benefits


FlexEnable OTFT materials OTFT array curved OLCD


  • A complete set of best-in-class OTFT materials for flexible displays 

  • Over 300 patents

  • Higher performance than the silicon TFTs they replace, proven for use in OLCD 

  • Can be scaled-up to Gen 10

OTFT platform

  • The lowest cost flexible display technology

  • Over 700 patents

  • Repurposes existing LCD fabs and supply chain

  • Highly scalable to large areas

  • Brings conformable displays and optics to any surface


  • The world’s thinnest, most flexible LCDs 

  • Addresses $80Bn mass market

  • Enables completely bezel-less displays

  • Boosts LCD contrast by 1000X to OLED levels