Flexible X-ray image sensors

Flexible image sensors and sensor arrays enable precision imaging in ways simply not possible with rigid glass arrays.

FlexEnable’s mature and industrially proven organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) technology on plastic can be used to make arrays for flat panel displays (FPDs) that can be easily integrated with a partner’s organic photodiode and a scintillator to make an X-ray detector.  

Flexible image sensor for X-ray applications

Image of large X-ray

FlexEnable's OTFT backplane combined with printed organic photodiodes creates large area flexible image sensors suitable for X-ray detectors

Benefits of our technology for X-ray image sensors

FlexEnable has developed an industrially scalable high yield, low temperature process for flexible FPDs, using partner materials, which together allow high performance X-ray detectors.

FlexEnable’s OTFT based FPDs on plastic have the advantage of being lightweight, robust, more sensitive and lower cost than amorphous silicon on glass-based FPDs. Our OTFT technology is scalable to enable large area detectors of any size. The flexibility of the FPDs makes them suitable for the development of conformable detectors that can go around objects for non-destructive testing (NDT) or security applications. In addition, the ultra-low leakage advantage of OTFTs compared to amorphous silicon brings direct sensitivity benefits to X-ray detection.

Typical applications and markets

X-ray detectors made with FlexEnable’s FPDs can be used in various applications including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Security
  • Industrial

We offer bespoke OTFT-based FPDs that can be used for the manufacture of lightweight and robust X-ray detectors. For further information and more in-depth detail, please contact info@flexenable.com.