Flexible liquid crystal optics

FlexEnable’s conformable liquid crystal cells enable breakthrough active optical films that steer, modulate and focus light.

Generic flexible displayFlexEnable’s low temperature processing on bioplastic substrates, which underpins OLCD, enables the manufacture of Liquid Crystal (LC) cells on plastic films, to make the world’s thinnest active optical films that can steer or shutter light rays depending on the applied voltage. LC cells have been made on glass for years, but for many applications glass cannot be used because of the weight, thickness or lack of conformability. This issue is compounded when multiple cells are needed to achieve the optical requirements.

Liquid crystal cellsManufacturable in existing display factories, FlexEnable’s LC cells are needed in applications such as varifocal lenses and dimming films, tintable smart windows and switchable ePrivacy films, where these optical films, close to the thickness of a human hair, can be stacked together to create powerful and combined functions. Our approach also allows the film to be biaxially formed around, for example, a spherical surface, something strongly desirable in AR/VR and automotive applications, bringing active optics to almost any surface.

LC optics technology highlights