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Glass-free, high brightness, long lifetime flexible displays

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What is OLCD?

Organic LCD (OLCD) is a glass-free display technology with full colour and video-rate capability. It is manufactured on low-cost plastic substrates and uses inherently flexible, high-performance organic transistors instead of the rigid amorphous silicon transistors typically used in glass LCDs. It enables product companies to create striking designs and realise novel use cases by merging the display into the product design rather than accommodating it by the design.

OLCD brings all the strengths of LCD to a flexible form factor, in particular high brightness and long lifetime, whilst being cost-effectively scalable to large sizes, setting it apart from any other flexible display. The lifetime of OLCD is independent of the display brightness as it is achieved through the transmission of a separate light source (the backlight), rather than emission of its own light. Therefore, for flexible display applications that require either large area and/or high brightness with long lifetime, OLCD is the perfect choice. This includes applications in large-area consumer electronics, automotive, notebooks and tablets, and digital signage.

Curved OLCD

Bezel-less OLCD

Key features & benefits

Conformable and shapeable


High brightness and long lifetime

Enables bezel-less displays

Low cost manufacturing using existing display fabs

Ultra-high contrast dual cell displays

The technology

OLCD achieves the same performance as colour a-Si/glass LCD displays with all the benefits of being glass-free. It is built on 40µm or 60µm TAC film (Tri-Acetyl Cellulose) – a low cost bioplastic already used in displays. The entire display production process is performed at <100°C. Flexible OLCD can be conformed and wrapped around surfaces and cut into non-rectangular shapes during manufacture. For example, apertures and cutouts can be included to fit around physical controls, or shape the display to complex layouts.

Flexible OLCD cross section


Smart home devices

Automotive displays

TVs and monitors

Notebooks and tablets

Digital signage