Flexible OLED displays

FlexEnable’s organic electronics technology can drive flexible OLED displays that are ultra-lightweight and thin enough to be rolled around a pencil.

Our vision is to reach foldable and even stretchable displays using organic transistors – since our transistors are themselves fundamentally flexible, and in combination with truly flexible frontplanes like OLED, the entire display can be made to fold in half. For example imagine a tablet that can fold in half into a phone form factor or a large-area display that can be rolled up and carried neatly under your arm. 

We proved this technology through a series of lightweight and flexible display demonstrators with Novaled, a world leading OLED materials supplier.

We have worked with Taiwan-based Chunghwa Picture Tube (CPT) to develop a 125 micron thick, colour display operating at full video-rate (60Hz).

Benefits of our technology for flexible OLED displays

FlexEnable’s organic electronics technology is specifically suited for flexible OLED displays. Using a low-temperature process it allows for the OTFTs to be manufactured directly on low cost barrier materials that are supplied on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates. This brings significant cost and manufacturing benefits.

Our technology will enable compelling products that are no longer constrained by rigid components. Now smart watches and fitness devices have greater display 'real estate' and are able to show a greatly enhanced range of information, pictures and video. Mobile phones can have shatterproof, thin and lightweight displays that can be curved around the body of the phone or provide a second screen.

Typical applications and markets:

For further information and more in-depth detail, please contact info@flexenable.com.