Flexible sensor arrays

FlexEnable’s OTFT backplane technology can be used to read out information from sensing surfaces.

Combining the flexible organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) array with organic photodiodes (OPD) and other functional polymer materials enables ultra-thin, conformable image sensor arrays at high resolution with a display-like cost structure. Moreover, the ultra-low leakage advantage of OTFTs compared to amorphous silicon brings direct sensitivity benefits to sensor applications.

Flexible fingerprint sensors for mobile devicesOptical fingerprint sensors

FlexEnable demonstrated the world’s highest resolution flexible fingerprint sensor in October 2016. This sensor, at 500 dpi resolution, is capable of meeting the FBI performance requirements, which are the gold-standard worldwide for biometric security and financial transaction applications. These ultra-thin sensors can be applied to curved or flat surfaces, and are manufacturable over large areas, such as a display.


The stretchability, conformability and lack of heavy metals, makes OTFT on flex, compared to conventional silicon technology, highly suited to future medical applications. FlexEnable’s OTFT platform can be used for in-vitro cancer detection and in-vivo stretchable biosensors that can conform to the organs, and even for electronic skin.

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