Smart systems

Smart systems made from truly flexible electronics will form a core part of the future of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) by making displays and sensors ubiquitous and conformable to almost any space or surface.

FlexEnable has a unique set of technologies and capabilities to build these integrated systems on plastic and over large areas. From label-thin programmable logic devices to smart cards with integrated displays and biometric sensors on a single sheet of plastic – the possibilities are limitless.

We have already demonstrated an extensive set of building blocks that can be integrated on a single sheet of plastic. These include:

  • Flexible Displays (AMOLED, LCD and almost any other frontplane)
  • Flexible Sensors (image sensors, biometric sensors and other sensing elements)
  • Analogue and Digital Logic (including programmable logic circuits)

These building blocks are currently being integrated into specific toolkits and reference designs for a range of applications that can be realised today.

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image of FlexEnable product being held

A technology platform enabling the manufacture of integrated systems on plastic